The Socio-Economic Viability Project Global Conference
Oct 2023
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Dubai, UAE
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What will you get by participating in the event
  • New possibilities for business development in the ecological, social, and sci-tech spheres
  • Two days of rich content from top speakers that will change your way of thinking
  • Practical cases and inspirational success stories that will motivate you to take action
  • Win-Win investment opportunities for profit and a Green Future for our planet
  • Networking with entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, senior executives, and government representatives
  • A unique opportunity to participate in global reforms towards a sustainable future for civilisation



Founder & CEO of UNIFIN ApS, serial entrepreneur, 30 years of experience in Banking and Stock exchanges.


Chief Operating Officer of UNIFIN ApS, 19 years of experience in International business management and Development of communication systems.


Director of Strategic Vision of UNIFIN ApS, 25 years experience in Banking.

And other speakers - influencers, IT professionals and Top managers

vip guests

Several distinguished individuals, including esteemed members of the Royal Family, notable dignitaries, politicians, representatives from national organizations, celebrated celebrities, and accomplished athletes, have expressed their interest in attending the Presentation. These VIPs are vital supporters of the project's activities. Many of them will be accompanied by news or media teams tasked with reporting the event.


day 1

How to create and scale a business in the face of an expected global crisis
New issues for the international financial system and monetary policy. Get fresh analytics from experts.

The art of goal setting in the context of civilisation problems
Think big! Goals of the Socio-Economic Viability Project, and opportunities for small and medium businesses.

A step-by-step action plan in the context of civilisation problems
Secret tools for expanding partnerships. You will discover how to achieve synergy results in all spheres.

New unique financial instruments with transparent liquidity
A new format of the world economy. –†rofessional employment for everyone. Unlimited possibilities for crypto and international trading


The Viability Index and its practical meaning
The creation of the Single Value Equivalent and its practical significance in the global economy.

The Concept of the Viability Assurance Currency, emission and regulation of its turnover
The logic to the creation of an ideal means of payment and the regulation of its international turnover. Features of its emission and distribution.

Technical solutions and their features
Detailing the functioning of the fair economy model.

Expected results
Substantiation and specification of expected results in three categories: social sphere, economy, and partners.

Closing statement
day 2
The concept of avoiding the influence of any local currencies on international trade relations

Press conference on the materials of the Project Presentation

Planned events for VIP status guests

Planned events for guests of VVIP status


Balancing Nature and Economics
Discover how a groundbreaking international project will elevate environmental initiatives, making them the top choice for investors and establishing harmony between humanity's needs and nature's preservation.
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Harnessing Viability Indexes for Global Impact
Discover how the evolution of Viability Indices can amplify your audience reach and make a worldwide difference. Learn more about this innovative project.
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AI's Role in Socio-Economic Growth
Explore the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the advancement of civilization. Dive into an innovative project with a strong emphasis on security enforcement.
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The Role of Private Businesses in Global Challenges
Why should private businesses assume these responsibilities or address these issues without recognition or incentives from the United Nations?
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Dubai's Strategic Role
Dubai has been selected as the launchpad for an international initiative aiming to redefine the global financial system. Discover the reasons behind this pivotal decision.
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What is the Key to Cybersecurity? Is it Technology or Legislation
Recent cyberattacks in 2023 on major organizations like BBC, British Airways and others underscore the vulnerability inherent even in well-protected IT systems.
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Insight for Crypto-Enthusiasts
Explore how blockchain and smart contracts are driving socio-economic advancements for humanity.
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Oct 2023
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Dubai, UAE
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